Our worship at Cazenovia Village Baptist Church is directed to “Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only”. Matt. 4:10B.

Some of the expressions of this worship take the following forms: spoken words, congregational singing, prayer, Bible reading, sharing of praise and concerns, giving of ourselves and our offering, Lord’s Prayer, corporate prayer, Bible message, and benediction. We also have a prayer time at 9:30am every Sunday before the worship service.

We encourage family-integrated worship. 

Worship extends throughout the week as our church family cares for the needs in the church, and those concerns from people near & far from us. Our congregation truly is concerned with the health and happiness and spiritual well being of all HE brings across our paths.

We have Bible Study on Tuesday nights which involves prayer & praise. Check out the events calendar for cancellations. 

Visitors are invited to share a time of fellowship and refreshments following the morning service.

Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of the each month.