As a church family we are committed to grow and minister in the Lord's name.

What you can expect:

1. Biblical Teaching and Preaching
God's Word is a light to our path. His will is revealed in Scripture, and we are molded into the Image of Christ by the work of the Holy Spirit as we humble ourselves before the Word of God.

2. Involvement
At Village Baptist you can expect informality, intimacy, closeness, and involvement. These are relational attributes found in our people, worship and ministry.

3. Familiarity
People know, care and share each other's concerns, illnesses, travel and pleasure. We will notice and miss you when absent In worship as relationships are rich and deep in our Church Family.

4. Security
Where a family atmosphere prevails, an individual has identity, security, and a caring environment. There is a strong sense that this is "my" church, and that help is available for the asking. People care deeply what happens to others.

5. Importance
There are few spectators in our church. We believe that the Holy Spirit has gifted every member. Gifts are to be used for the common good and In service to Jesus. You will be invited to participate, asked to lead and give as the Lord Jesus guides you in personal stewardship.

6. Recognition as a People Not a Program
Churches earn certain reputations in a community: " a family church", "a mission church", "a praying church." We don't major in pre-planned programs as much as we act out the Gospel in the everyday life of our people.